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Tex Biosciences Appoints New Distributor for Feed Additives in Bangladesh

Tex Biosciences has recently appointed a new distributor in Bangladesh to market its feed additives.

Tex Biosciences has signed up with a company called Agrotech Global BD Nutrition which is headed by a team of renowned veterinary doctors. Tex Biosciences is extremely confident that the team at Agrotech Global BD Nutrition would be able to better market and serve the needs of the Bangladesh customers.

The following products will be readily available through Agrotech Global BD Nutrition in the Bangladesh Market.

  • Nutrizyme- A Stable Multi Enzymes in Liquid form for ease of addition in the farm
  • Avipro- Multi Vitamin Formulation with Prebiotics, Probiotics, Anti-Oxidants and Anti Stress Factors to prevent early chick mortality
  • Defense- a Herbal Immuno Modulator to boost immunity in birds
  • Nutriplus- A Multi Enzyme with Probiotics to improve farm economics