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Waste Water Treatment

Tex Biosciences has indigenously developed novel Probiotics and Enzyme range of products that effectively acts on Industrial and Domestic Effluents and drastically reduces COD and BOD levels thus making the water fit for reuse. Tex Biosciences has to its range proprietary Biotech products for Effluent, Sewage, Anaerobic, Oil and Grease Removal, Septic Bio cleaner, Lake and Pond Cleaner, Organic Waste Composting and Hospital Waste Water Treatment applications.

Tex Biosciences manufactures an effective blend of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds for Effluent Treatment. The Product acts on industrial effluents and effectively breaks down biodegradable chemicals, hazardous wastes, heavy metals and pathogens. This results in drastic reduction of COD and BOD levels with improvements in odour and colour of the effluent.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a consortium of beneficial microbes and enzymes for Sewage Treatment. The product has the ability to degrade nutrients in sewage water resulting in effective reduction of COD, BOD levels and odor.  It also promotes faster MLSS development and reduces sludge generation.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of Anaerobic and Facultative Heterotrophic bacteria for Anaerobic Treatment. The product has the ability to degrade highly concentrated industrial effluent such as the Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket and anaerobic ponds used in food and dairy industries. It also helps improve Digester system recovery.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of Probiotics for the treatment of Oil and Grease. The product has the ability to degrade oil and grease and other Organic waste buildup and turn it into carbon dioxide and water. It also helps to coat the oil trap and drain lines and reduce buildup of grease and organic matter.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of 100% naturally occurring microorganisms for Septic Bio Cleaning. Septic Biocleaner is a biological solution for residential and commercial septic systems, holding tanks and portable Bio toilets. The product contains colony forming that breaks down biodegradable materials and removes harmful pathogens from house hold waste water.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a special blend of bacteria for Lake and Pond Cleaning. The Product has the ability to digest any organic waste generated by animals and plants in lakes and ponds. The Lake and Pond Cleaner controls nitrates, phosphates, organic sludge and odors in the water bodies. It also helps reduce COD and BOD levels and stabilizes the oxygen levels in lakes and ponds.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of naturally selected bacteria for Organic Waste Composting. The product has the ability to convert nitrogen and proteins into simple amino acids and release the growth factors in the compost. It also helps reduce bad odor and results in economical way to produce large volumes of compost.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of concentrated microorganisms for Hospital Waste Water Treatment. The Product has the ability to treat Hospital Discharge water which contains chemicals and multi resistant microbial agents. The product degrades complex biological, chemical and radioactive effluent and eliminates resistant bacteria, viruses and prions in the discharge water.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a specialised Probiotics formula tailor-made for Biofloc application. Biofloc Technology is an environment friendly aquaculture technique based on in-situ microorganism production. The Probiotic product for Biofloc technology assimilates the nitrogenous waste which is exploited as feed and also works as a bioreactor controlling water quality. The nitrifying bacteria present in the product is able to nitrify ammonia present in the tanks to Nitrites and then to Nitrates. Further, the robust bacillus strains in the product is able to produce enzymes that hydrolyse and digest organic waste and convert it into simple compounds that are consumed by aquaculture for its growth.


Tex Biosciences manufactures an Enzyme and Probiotics based product for Plumbing and Septic Line Treatment. With day to day use, small bits of organic matter build up on the plumbing pipes and septic lines. This accumulation of organic matter in pipes and septic lines, if left unchecked can lead to slow running drains, clogged drains, or a backed-up septic tank. The Enzyme and Probiotics based product for Plumbing and Septic Line Treatment uses the principle of hydrolyzing and consuming organic waste that accumulates in your plumbing and septic system. The grease, soap film and organic waste found in pipes and septic lines are food for the bacteria. The robust strains in the product is able to produce enzymes that hydrolyse and digest organic waste and convert it into simple compounds that are further consumed by microbes for their proliferation. Through this methodology, the Enzyme and Probiotics based product for Plumbing and Septic Line Treatment is able to digest and clear pipes and septic lines of organic waste accumulation.


Tex Biosciences manufactures a superior mix of Macro and Micro Nutrients with Trace minerals and Ions as MLSS Booster. The breakdown of dissolved and solid organic wastes is accomplished in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) by a wide variety of bacteria. Different groups of bacteria have unique growth requirements and different macro and micro nutrient needs. They often compete for the same growth substrate and organic feed materials. At times, the non-availability of specific micronutrients (nutrients and/or minerals) is the limiting factor for bacterial growth. Each ingredient in the MLSS Booster manufactured by Tex Biosciences has been strategically selected to support the growth of a wide variety of bacteria that help break down organic waste in Waste Water Treatment plants. The MLSS Booster product facilitates the fast proliferation of microbes and rapid action of the microbes in digesting organic waste.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Micronutrient product that is a holistic mix of mineral elements including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Micronutrients for Lake and Pond play a central and essential role in the microbial development in these water bodies. Lakes and Pond contains natural occurring bacteria that eliminate muck, dead leaves, odour and other organic matter. The Micronutrient product manufactured by Tex Biosciences provide much needed nutrients for the  naturally occurring bacteria to multiply and act on the organic matter present in the water body. Further, the product promotes natural microorganisms and phytoplankton growth and maintains optimal microbial productivity to keep ponds and lakes clean.


What are the different types of Waste Water Treatment products that you manufacture?

We Manufacture a wide range of Probiotics and Biotech based compound that are used in Treatment of Effluent Waste Water, Sewage Waste Water, Anaerobic Tanks, Oil and Grease removal applications, Septic Bio cleaner, Lake and Pond Cleaner, Organic Waste Composting and Hospital Waste Water Treatment.

Can you explain the working of your Waste Water Treatment Products?

Our Waste water treatment products are based out of Probiotics and Biotech Compounds. Probiotics are living microorganisms. We carefully select and individually ferment our microorganism. Our products contain multiple species of microorganism which have specific role in breaking down pollutants in the Waste Water.  The probiotics, when added to the Waste Water, senses the pollutants in the Waste Water and produces enzymes that break down the pollutants to simple molecules. For Example, Fat is broken down into Fatty acid, Protein is broken down to Amino Acid, Starch is broken down to Reducing Sugars and some Ions are Chelated. Once the Enzyme breaks down the complex pollutants to simple molecules, the Probiotics then consume the simple molecules and use it as energy to multiply. This cyclic process continues till all pollutants are fully broken down and consumed. Through this process, we see a drastic reduction in BOD, COD, Odour and a good colour improvement in Waste Water.

How do you ensure consistent quality in your products?

We are an ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FAMI QS certified Organization. All our products and processes are strictly monitored, controlled and continuously improved. We employ an ERP system where all Finished Products are tested and only if the product quality is approved by Quality Control, can the product be billed and dispatched to customers.

Do you provide Technical Service to back your products?

We have a team of water technicians with a fully equipped waste water testing lab at our factory. We are able to mimic at a lab scale, the existing Waste Water Treatment set up used by clients and then dose our product. We suggest dosage and application based on the lab results. We also supervise and support clients during the plant trials to ensure that our product works to the full satisfaction of the customer.

How does your Waste Water Treatment Product quality and price compare with other competitors in the market?

We are an original Enzyme, Probiotics and Specialty Biotech product manufacturer. We operate two State of the Art Plants in Tamil Nadu, India. Being a high-quality manufacturer, we are able to guarantee the best possible quality in products at attractive and economical prices.

Do you export Waste Water Treatment Products to other Countries?

We have a strong domestic and international presence with exports to various countries across the globe.

Are you able to provide Trial reports and Customer references for your Products?

We are able to provide trial reports and customer references for our Waste Water Treatment products.

If I need specific information and sample for a product, how do I obtain the same?

Please contact us through email or through Website Enquiry page and we will provide detailed information on the product of interest to you. We are also able to provide technical service and sample for a product that you require.

If I wish to visit your office and plant prior to buying, is it possible?

We readily welcome all visits to our office and plant. ‘Seeing is believing’ and when prospective customers see our facility and our quality system, they understand and trust us more. We would be able to show you our manufacturing facility, our technical expertise and the values that govern our company.