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Waste Water Treatment Probiotics

Tex Biosciences has indigenously developed novel Probiotics and Enzyme range of products that effectively acts on Industrial and Domestic Effluents and drastically reduces COD and BOD levels thus making the water fit for reuse. Tex Biosciences has to its range proprietary Biotech products for Effluent, Sewage, Anaerobic, Oil and Grease Removal, Septic Bio cleaner, Lake and Pond Cleaner, Organic Waste Composting and Hospital Waste Water Treatment applications.

Tex Biosciences manufactures an effective blend of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds for Effluent Treatment. The Product acts on industrial effluents and effectively breaks down biodegradable chemicals, hazardous wastes, heavy metals and pathogens. This results in drastic reduction of COD and BOD levels with improvements in odour and colour of the effluent.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a consortium of beneficial microbes and enzymes for Sewage Treatment. The product has the ability to degrade nutrients in sewage water resulting in effective reduction of COD, BOD levels and odor.  It also promotes faster MLSS development and reduces sludge generation.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of Anaerobic and Facultative Heterotrophic bacteria for Anaerobic Treatment. The product has the ability to degrade highly concentrated industrial effluent such as the Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket and anaerobic ponds used in food and dairy industries. It also helps improve Digester system recovery.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of Probiotics for the treatment of Oil and Grease. The product has the ability to degrade oil and grease and other Organic waste buildup and turn it into carbon dioxide and water. It also helps to coat the oil trap and drain lines and reduce buildup of grease and organic matter.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of 100% naturally occurring microorganisms for Septic Bio Cleaning. Septic Biocleaner is a biological solution for residential and commercial septic systems, holding tanks and portable Bio toilets. The product contains colony forming that breaks down biodegradable materials and removes harmful pathogens from house hold waste water.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a special blend of bacteria for Lake and Pond Cleaning. The Product has the ability to digest any organic waste generated by animals and plants in lakes and ponds. The Lake and Pond Cleaner controls nitrates, phosphates, organic sludge and odors in the water bodies. It also helps reduce COD and BOD levels and stabilizes the oxygen levels in lakes and ponds.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of naturally selected bacteria for Organic Waste Composting. The product has the ability to convert nitrogen and proteins into simple amino acids and release the growth factors in the compost. It also helps reduce bad odor and results in economical way to produce large volumes of compost.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a mix of concentrated microorganisms for Hospital Waste Water Treatment. The Product has the ability to treat Hospital Discharge water which contains chemicals and multi resistant microbial agents. The product degrades complex biological, chemical and radioactive effluent and eliminates resistant bacteria, viruses and prions in the discharge water.