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Pulp & Paper Enzymes and Chemicals

With years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing and application of Enzymes and Specialty Chemicals in Pulp & Paper Industry, Tex Biosciences is able to provide to Paper Mills a drastic reduction in resource usage along with reduction in energy and pollution load. Tex Biosciences has to its range Enzymes and Specialty Chemical formulations for Deinking, Refining, Starch Modification, Bleaching, Peroxide Stabiliser, Stickies Control, Biocide, Effluent Treatment, Pitch Control and Surface Sizing requirements.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Deinking Enzyme product based on Endo and Exo Cellulase enzymes. The product assists in increasing the brightness and decreasing the ink and dirt count in the pulp.  It also enhances the removal of ink particles and reduces the use of basic deinking chemicals.

Tex Biosciences manufactures All-Natural Bio Surfactant for Deinking Process. The product is 100 % Biodegradable and reduces the use of basic deinking chemicals in the paper process. It is easy to handle and helps reduce ERIC values and pollution load in the effluent.

Tex Biosciences manufactures Synthetic Surfactant for Deinking Process. The product assists in increasing the brightness and facilitates better ink removal from the pulp.  It also acts as dispersion and wetting agent and works as anti-redeposition agent.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Refining Enzyme product based on Cellulase and Hemicellulase enzymes. The product helps in reducing refining energy required for pulping.  It also helps increase fibrillation and improves drainage.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Starch Modification Enzyme product based on Amylase enzyme. The product assists in On-site modification of Native Starch for size press applications. It provides a trouble-free process to control starch viscosity and results in substantial cost savings to the mill.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Bleaching Enzyme product based on Xylanase enzyme. The product facilitates the bleaching of Kraft, Soda and Sulphite pulp. It helps enhance the lignin extraction by loosening the fibre structure and reduces bleaching chemical usage by 10 to 15 %.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer product. The product helps increase the pulp brightness while resulting in effective utilization of Hydrogen Peroxide. It provides substantial savings to the mill and helps lower the residual Hydrogen Peroxide levels.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Stickies Control Chemical. The product helps breakdown macro stickies into micro stickies. It also assists in solubilization of oil and grease particles from waste paper and reduces the tack of pitch substances.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a wide range of broad-spectrum Biocides. The products act against slime forming organisms and kills bacteria, yeast and mold species.  It is compatible with commonly used wet end additive and functions over a broad pH and temperature range

Tex Biosciences manufactures an effective blend of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds for Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent Treatment. The Product acts on paper effluents and effectively breaks down biodegradable chemicals, hazardous wastes, heavy metals and pathogens. This results in drastic reduction of COD and BOD levels with improvements in odour and colour of the effluent.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Retention Aid that assists to improve the retention of fine particles, fillers, additives & sizing agent during the formation of paper. it helps accelerate drainage and thus increases machine speed.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Pitch Control Enzyme that controls pitch deposition on fabrics, press felts and machine surfaces. It helps reduce the extra cleaning and web breaks thus saving expensive downtime in production.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a Surface Sizing Agent that provides for immediate sizing and is economical to use. It also improves the strength and surface properties of the paper.