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Leather Enzymes and Chemicals

Tex Biosciences is India’s leading manufacturer of Leather Enzymes and Specialty Chemicals. The company has to its range innovative and high-quality Leather Enzymes and Chemicals for various stages of Leather Processing. The range includes Enzymes, Wetting and De-greasing Agents, Auxiliaries, Syntans, Fatliquors, Preservatives and Finishing Chemicals.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a wide range of Leather Enzymes for a variety of applications. The product range includes Enzymes for Soaking, Liming, Bating, De-greasing, Neutralization and Finish Stripping applications. All of Tex Biosciences enzymes are well buffered, substrate specific and gives the exact desired effect on leather. Tex Biosciences’ Enzymes are 100 % REACH Compliant and Ecologically sustainable products.

Tex Biosciences manufactures both Anionic and Non-Anionic Wetting and De-greasing Agents for the Soaking and De-greasing Process. All Wetting and De-greasing Agents are REACH Compliant and are NP, AP, NPEO and APEO free.

Tex Biosciences manufactures good quality leather auxiliaries for improving leather quality in Soaking, Liming, De-greasing, Vegetable Tanning and Chrome Tanning areas. Our Auxiliary range of chemicals is 100% REACH compliant.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a full range of high quality Syntans for Pre-Tanning and Post-Tanning Applications. The product range includes Acrylic Syntan, Phenolic Replacement Syntan, Naphthalene Syntan, Dispersing Syntan, Bleaching Syntan, Melamine Resin Syntan, Polymer Syntan and Chrome based Syntan.  All our Syntans are 100% REACH Compliant.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a wide range of Fatliquors that are specific to the kind of leather that the tanner wants to manufacture.  The product range includes Vegetable Fatliquors, Synthetic Fatliquors, Semi Synthetic Fatliquors, Cationic Fatliquors and Fish Oil Based Fatliquors.  Tex Biosciences’ Fatliquor is 100% REACH Compliant.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a wide range of high-quality Leather Bactericides and Fungicides. The product range includes preservatives for Soaking, Pickling, Chrome Tanning, Fatliquoring applications. In addition, we have a special range of TCMTB Free Fungicides for Leather. Tex Biosciences’ Preservatives are all 100% REACH Compliant.

Tex Biosciences manufactures high quality finishing chemicals. The product range includes Binders, Waxes, Fillers, Lacquer Emulsions and Dye Solutions that improve the quality of leather finishing.  Our Finishing Chemical products are 100% REACH Compliant.


What are the different type of Leather Enzymes and Chemical products that you Manufacture?

We Manufacture a wide range of Enzymes and Specialty Chemicals that are used in Soaking, Liming, Bating, Degreasing, Chrome Tanning, Neutralization, Re-tanning, Fat Liquoring and Finishing Operations of Leather. Our Enzyme range includes Enzymes for Soaking, Liming, Bating, De-greasing, Neutralization and Finish Stripping applications. Our Chemicals Range includes, Wetting and De-greasing agents, Auxiliaries, Syntans, Fat Liquors, Preservatives and Finishing Chemicals

Are all Products REACH Compliant?

All products that we manufacture for Leather Applications are REACH Compliant. We provide a signed declaration for each of our product stating that they are REACH Compliant.

How do you ensure consistent quality in your products?

We are an ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FAMI QS certified Organization. All our products and processes are strictly monitored, controlled and continuously improved. We employ an ERP system where all Finished Products are tested and only if the product quality is approved by Quality Control, can the product be billed and dispatched to customers.

Do you offer Customized products?

We are able to offer customized products based on market conditions and customer requirements. Please do get in touch with us for your specific requirements.

Do you provide Technical Service to back  products?

We have a team of 15 senior and well qualified technicians with both local and international experience. Our entire sale is backed by good technical service. Our technicians will be able to assist with training and knowledge on how to use our products in your process and how to get the best benefit from our products.

How does your Leather Enzymes and Chemicals Product quality and price compare with other competitors in the market?

We are an original Enzyme and Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer. We operate two State of the Art Plants in Tamil Nadu, India. Being a high-quality manufacturer, we are able to guarantee the best possible quality in products at attractive and economical prices.

Do you export Leather Enzymes and Chemicals to Other Countries?

We have a strong domestic and international presence with exports to over 22 countries across the globe. We supply to distributors and end customers in their Export segment.

If I need specific information and sample for a product, how do I obtain the same?

Please contact us through email or through Website Enquiry page and we will provide detailed information on the product of interest to you. We are also able to provide technical service and sample for a product that you require.

If I wish to visit your office and plant prior to buying, is it possible?

We readily welcome all visits to our office and plant. Seeing is believing and when prospective customers see our facility and our quality system then understand and trust us more. We would be able to show you our manufacturing facility, our technical expertise and the values that govern our company.

Do you offer Contract Manufacturing Services for Companies that wish to purchase product under its own brand name?

We do offer Contract Manufacturing Services and we are able to manufacture and supply Leather Enzymes and Chemicals under the brand name of the customer if they wish for the same.