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Water Treatment

Tex Biosciences has to its range a list of innovative and high-quality Water Treatment Chemicals for use in Industrial settings. The Chemicals are categorized under Boiler, Cooling Tower, RO and AHU/FCU Cleaning Applications.  Tex Biosciences ranges of products are highly efficient, safe to use and are backed by good technical service.

Tex Scale Inhibitor acts as a softening agent in order to minimize the buildup of scale in Boilers. Scaling is a significant problem for Boilers as it causes the Boilers to lose efficiency. Over time, impurities like magnesium and calcium salts present in Boiler water tend to concentrate and coat the tubes and surface area of Boiler thus making it lose its efficiency. Tex Scale Inhibitor prevents coating of salts in the tubes of the Boiler thus maintaining its original efficiency.

Tex Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger is designed to protect low to medium pressure Boiler systems against corrosion. Tex Oxygen Scavenger protects the metallic surfaces of the system from oxygen pitting. The product is specifically designed for use in Low and Medium Boiler Systems to eliminate free Oxygen and to prevent pitting corrosion.

Tex Alkalinity Builders are designed specifically to raise the pH level of water especially in Boiler Systems. For Steam Boilers, it is essential that pH levels remain high in order to prevent corrosion and minimize the amount of silica plating in a high-pressure Boiler System. Using Tex Alkalinity Builder helps maintain proper efficiency of the Boiler.

Tex Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor is a scientifically formulated product to protect Cooling Systems from the effects of both scale build-up and metallic corrosion. Our Tex Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor delivers improved performance, helps in reducing maintenance costs, improves reliability and optimizes operational efficiency.

Tex Biodispersant is a rapid acting micro-biocide developed for use in Cooling Water Systems and is effective against Legionella Bacteria, SRB’s, Algae and Fungi. Tex Biodispersant is a versatile broad-spectrum biocide that effectively controls slime forming bacteria, sulphate reducing bacteria in Water Cooling Systems. Further, the product works effectively in a wide range of temperature and water pH.

Tex Cooling Tower Algaecides are oxidizing chemical compounds that are dosed in Cooling Tower Water to instantly kill Algae, Slimes and Bacterial deposits. Algae growth can retard the heat exchange in the cooling system by decreasing water flow rates through the cooling tower and can provide an acute source of dispersed solids within the system. Tex Algaecides are biodegradable oxidizing chemical compounds that function to instantly remove Algae. Our Algaecide for Cooling Towers is an effective solution to Algae contamination and prevention. This chemical can also be used for cleaning of algae by normal spraying method at higher concentrations with water.

Tex RO Antiscalent is a highly effective premium Antiscalant, specially formulated for feed water with the highest levels of scale-forming minerals. Tex RO Antiscalent Effectively inhibits formation of Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Fluoride, Barium Sulfate, Strontium Sulfate and Silica. Tex RO Antiscalent Stabilizes metal ions to prevent metal oxides precipitation and disperse existing metal oxides / hydroxides, silt and clay particles.

Tex  AHU-FCU Cleaner is a highly aggressive Non-Acid, Alkaline coil brightener and cleaner and is specially formulated to clean the dirt, dust, grease and scale particles and maintain a clean surface. Tex AHU-FCU Cleaner is an excellent brightener for Aluminum, Steel and Mild Steel. Tex AHU-FCU Cleaner is a mixture of dispersing agents and a surface-active agent which is safe for light metal like Aluminum. Tex AHU-FCU Cleaner has a powerful foaming action that quickly dissolves dust and dirt deposits, cleaning thoroughly inside out. It strips off harmful insulation deposits and saves up to 35% on energy consumption. Tex AHU-FCU Cleaner is economical and can be used diluted 1:4 in water. It is easy to use, versatile and contains only biodegradable surfactants.