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Probiotics in Animal Feed

Probiotics are defined as live microorganisms which can confer health benefit for the host when administered in appropriate and regular quantities. Once ingested, the probiotics microorganisms can modulate the balance and activities of the gastrointestinal microbiota, whose role is fundamental to gut homeostasis.

Tex Biosciences manufactures a variety of Probiotics strains. The strains manufactured by Tex Biosciences can be broadly classified as Bacillus Species, Yeast and Lactobacillus Species. Their benefits are listed below

Advantages of Bacillus Species Probiotics

  • Prevents Necrotic enteritis- Bacillus is an all-natural method to prevent necrotic enteritis
  • Bacillus strains produce Protease, Amylase and Lipase in gastro intestinal tract which in turn increased the digestion of protein, start and fat respectively
  • Improves intestinal micro flora for better nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Increase live weight gains
  • Improves feed conversion ratio

Advantages of Yeast Probiotics

  • Favours the Growth of Probiotics Bacteria
  • Has beneficial growth effect on intestinal cells
  • Reduces substances that increase digestive inflammation
  • Increases the levels of important immune substances
  • Increases levels of naturally formed digestive enzymes

Advantages of Lactobacillus Species Probiotics

  • Increases Villi length
  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption
  • Provides competitive exclusion of harmful bacteria
  • Produces endogenous B Vitamins
  • Reduces incidence of pathogen colonization

Tex Biosciences manufactures a host of Individual Probiotics in Powder and Liquid form tailored to the concentration level required by customers. Most of Tex Biosciences Probiotics are spore forming robust species and are age and heat stable and can be used in the palletisation process. Apart from concentration customisation, packing and filler customisation can also be done as per the requirement of customers.

Please contact us to get more details of our Probiotics Range for Animal Feed so that you can benefit from better farm production and economics.