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Enzymatic approach – Leather processing

Tex Biosciences is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing eco-friendly enzymes for various industries.

Tex Biosciences has developed a series of leather enzymes for tanning process.

Leather Enzymes for Soaking operations like Free Soak and Texzyme FDS plays a major role in quick rehydration of skins and hides without much pollution problems. Soaking of Air Dried, Dry salted hides and skins has become very easy due to these powerful enzymes.

Leather Enzymes for assisted liming process has been initiated by Tex Biosciences (P) Limited way back 1990 and many field trials were conducted with help of CLRI Team.

Today our leather enzymes for liming such as Microdep C and Texzyme LS are popular in India and Abroad.

These leather enzymes play vital role in uprooting of hair in a clean manner and produce better quality pelt without wrinkles. Leather enzymes usage in liming also reduces BOD, COD problems.

Breathing property in leathers makes it superior to plastics this important property is achieved by our enzymes in bating operations. Microbates, Microzyme P, Microbate CNB are popular bating enzymes in the field. Our enzymes are quite economical with high quality which gives us pole position as leather enzymes supplier in India.

Tex Biosciences (P) Limited degreasing enzymes are solvent free and very effective in controlling excess fats, backbone fats etc.,

Our leather degreasing enzymes are available in both liquid and powder forms. Tanners need not use excess emulsifies, solvent degreasing compounds by using our degreasing enzymes.

Enzymes are quite useful in post tanning operations to improve final quality of leathers.

Our Acid bates Microbate AB, Texzyme HS and Texzyme AP SPL are extremely popular in Gloves and Garment leathers markets in India and Abroad.

Tex Biosciences (P) Limited continues their efforts to give better enzymes and auxiliaries that are more useful to leather industry.

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