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Mega Capacity Expansion Program Executed by Tex Biosciences

Tex Biosciences has seen a very strong growth over the last few years which has necessitated a large expansion program in order to cater to demands of the customers. 

Tex Biosciences undertook a INR 28 Crore  (3.8 Million USD) Expansion program over 3 phases to increase production capacities and improve capabilities. The expansion program began in Jan 2021 and was completed by June 2022.

1.       Phase 1- Installation and Commissioning of a New Spray Dryer

Tex Biosciences constructed a New Building of 17.5 Metres High and 10,000 Square Feet Area to house a new 700 Litre/Hour Spray Dryer. This was our 3rd Spray Dryer and it has 5 times the capacity of the existing spray dryers we have with us. The installation and Commissioning of the New Spray dryer along with the RCC Building was completed by 31st Aug 2021

2.       Phase 2- Shifting of Chemical Division

We purchased a new property/land near our existing production facility and shifted all our Chemical production to this plant. The New Chemical Division caters to the Chemical Needs of our Leather, Paper, Detergents, Textile and Water Treatment Markets. The new Chemical Division Facilities has Dedicated buildings to house our Reaction vessels and Blenders with 50 % Increased capacities compared to our older plant .Tex Biosciences also constructed and installed  Utilities like Chilling Plant, Cooling Tower, Air Compressors, Generators, Boilers along with facilities such as QC Lab, Canteen and Admin Buildings. The Entire Chemical Division Site was constructed based on GMP Principles (Good Manufacturing) with uniflow man and material movement and well-marked areas for RM, Intermediate, Packing and Finished Goods Storage. Phase 2 completed by 31st Aug 2021.

3.       Phase 3- New Fermentation Facility

We constructed a Brand new and state of Art Fermentation Facility as a part of Phase 3 Expansion program. Our newest Fermenter Section called FS3 is by far our largest fermentation capacity and one of the largest capacities for Industrial Enzymes in India. FS3 houses the following brand new vessels

  • 35000 Ltr Fermenter 
  • 4200 Ltr Seed Fermenter
  • 1000 Ltr Pre Seed fermenter
  • 650 Ltr Feed Fermenter
  • 2 Nos of 13500 Ltr Harvester Vessel
  • 1 Nos of 11600 Media Mixing Vessel 

The 30000 Square Feed FS3 building is 4 storey high and is GMP compliant with unilateral flow of material right from RM storage till Fermenter Broth spray drying process. FS3 is also integrated with our Fermenter Section 2, Our Spray dryer Section 3 and our QC/QA Lab.

We are happy to show our customers our brand new facility and engage with them more closely to better serve their needs.

Please see below a snapshot of our expansion.

Tex Biosciences Biotech Division Expansion Photos

Tex Biosciences Chemical Division Expansion Photos