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Our Milestones

Manufacturing of Enzymes

In 1988, Tex Biosciences became the First Indian company to manufacture Enzymes for the Leather Industry. Through sheer hard work and determination, the company is now a market leader in India for the sale of Leather Enzymes.

Diversification into Animal Feed Industry

In 1998, Tex Biosciences diversified and entered the Animal Feed Industry. The company is now a major player in India and abroad for the manufacturing and marketing of animal feed additives for Poultry, Piggery and Aqua market.

Commissioning of a New Production Plant

In 2006, Tex Biosciences shifted its production unit which was in the outskirts of the city and built a brand-new state of the Art Production facility in Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu. The 7 Acre Facility houses Fermentation, Utilities to Support Production, Specialty Chemical Production, Blending and Packaging Units and Warehouses for Industry Specific products.

Diversification into Pulp & Paper and Detergent Industries

With a state-of-the-Art Production Unit to support its marketing efforts, Tex Biosciences was able to capitalize and expand its operation into Pulp and Paper and Detergent Industries. Since 2006, Tex Biosciences has been growing and performing well in both Pulp and Paper as well as Detergent Industries.

Diversification into Waste Water Treatment Industry

In 2018, Tex Biosciences further diversified its presence and entered into the Waste Water Treatment Industries. Tex Biosciences indigenously developed Biotech products that biologically treats both Industrial and Domestic Waste Water making the water fit for reuse. The Waste Water Treatment Business has grown rapidly with an ever-increasing list of satisfied and repeat customers.

Acquisition of Rajam Chemicals

In 2019, Tex Biosciences acquired Rajam Chemicals which was a Proprietary concern manufacturing and marketing Speciality chemicals and Auxiliaries. The Acquisition has allowed Tex Biosciences to offer a comprehensive range of products to the Leather and Textile Industry. The Acquisition has also resulted in Tex Biosciences accessing vital land resource of 7 Acres for future expansion.