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Our Mission

Tex Biosciences will strive to be a leading Industrial Biotech company in India that manufactures high quality Enzymes, Probiotics, Speciality Chemicals and other Biotech products for customers. We will provide Natural Eco solutions to the problems faced by the markets and industries we operate in. We will develop a strong reputation in the market as an original and dependable manufacturer of Enzymes, Probiotics, Speciality Chemicals and other Biotech products. We will manufacture and sell products that provide real and tangible benefits to customers. We will be responsive to customer demands, sensitive to supplier concerns and adhere to all government regulations.

Our Vision

Tex Biosciences will function as a socially conscious organisation that provides meaningful employment to people and engage in business activities that promote family values of trust, ethics and hard work. We will build a reputation of being a fair and dependable manufacturer who treats all stake holders with respect and dignity.