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Waste Water Treatment

Water is now a precious commodity and every litre of water recycled is water generated. Tex Bisociences has indigenously developed novel Probiotics and Enzyme range of products that effectively acts on Industrial and Domestic Effluents and drastically reduces COD and BOD levels thus making the water fit for reuse.

Tex Microclean range of products effectively utilizes the nutrients and organic load in the waste water for its growth. During proliferation, it breaks down organic biodegradable chemicals, hazardous wastes, heavy metals and pathogens. Long chain compounds are broken down to short chain compounds and simple molecules. These short chained compounds and simple molecules are then further consumed by the bacteria and converted as carbon dioxide and water, thus drastically reducing the COD and BOD levels in the waste water.

Tex Microclean range of products are easy to use, economical and can run in existing ETP/STP/Domestic waste water systems with very little modification required if any.

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