Started in the year 1979, Tex Biosciences was set up initially to provide quality chemicals to the leather industry. It was a small beginning, but with emphasis on innovation, quality and future focus, growth and success of the firm over time has been phenomenal. In 1982, Tex Biosciences turned into a corporate body to widen its infrastructure and to meet the increasing demands for its products. With time the organization has diversified into other markets and is now seen as an industry leader in Biotechnology and leather chemical products. With a turnover of over fifteen million US dollars, the Tex Biosciences Group now includes:
Rajam Chemicals
Rajam Chemicals, a Proprietary company and a sister concern of Tex Biosciences has its modest beginnings in 1972. In the early days, the company manufactured hand made liquid soap (An-ionic Wetting Agent) for usage in cleaning of utensils and vehicle washing at Automobile service stations.

In course of time, the company evolved and is now a key player in the Raw to Wet Blue processing in the leather chemical market. Rajam Chemicals is well renowned for its products in the following applications
Wetting Agent - Anionic & non-ionic, NP, NPE, & APE free wetting agent
Degreasing Agent

Dispersing Agent


Preservative - Bactericide cum fungicide & Bactericide


Dye Solutions - Metal complex dye solutions & cationic dye solutions


Cationic fat liquor for Leather and textile industry

Poly Aldehyde based condensed product
The company exports to various countries namely UAE, Kenya, Sri Lanka & Egypt through its group concern M/s. Tex Biosciences (P) Ltd and is positioned for strong growth in the years to come.
Nature Remedies (P) Limited
NATURE REMEDIES (P) LTD is an Indo- Australian Joint - Venture created in the year 1993, to manufacture and promote herbal formulations in India and across the globe.

The organization's birth was due to the collaborative Research and Development efforts undertaken by premier Australian Universities in the field of Celery Seed Extract. Celery seed Extract is widely used for pain relief in variety of medical and degenerative conditions.

The Celery Seed Extract (CSE) is an analgesic which reduces inflammatory and gastric irritation caused by NSAIDS.

NATURE REMDIES (P) LTD is involved in the business of manufacturing high quality Celery Seed Extracts and Tablets and exporting the same worldwide.

In addition, NATURE REMEDIES (P) LTD possesses a range of very effective herbal medicines that are manufactured and sold through marketing agents in India for various medical issues.

Nature Remedies' products have a strong reputation for high quality and effective pain relief and medical condition improvement.

The following are the list of products that Nature Remedies manufactures and markets in India and across the globe
ORTHOCURE 3000 Tablets
Formulated with Celery Seed Extract for Effective pain relief
in Gout & Joint Inflammations
Very Effective In Gout, Joint Inflammation & Joint Pains



An External application that consist of Blending of



Classical herbal oils for the Treatment of sprains and Muscular pains.

GUTCER Tablets


Formulation with Indian herbal extracts for the normalization of GI



Tract disturbances.

TREVOL - Ointment


Formulation with Neem extract for the treatment of Burn wound &

      Skin Ulcers
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