Enzymes & Chemicals play a very crucial role in Paper Industry. Products, We deal are:

Deinking enzyme
Refining enzyme
Bleaching enzyme

Starch Modification enzyme

Deinking Chemical - Surfactant based

Deinking Chemical - Fatty acid based
Stickies Control enzyme

Tex Biosciences through its rigorous in house R&D efforts, has developed enzymatic and chemicals formulations for pulp and paper processing. These formulation result in cost and environmental benefits to the paper mill and promotes sustainable development and ecological balance.

Texzyme I Deinking Enzyme
Removal of ink particles

Increase the Brightness

Minimize the Dirt count

Texzyme J Bleaching Enzyme
Reduction of horsh chemicals in Bleaching by 20-30%

Increase Brightness with shining

Reduces the pollution load like AOX, COD & BOD

Texzyme M

Refining Enzyme
Gives Fibrillation action and avoids cutting action in refining

Reduces refining electrical energy by 10 - 15%

increase fiber - fiber bonding and good formation

Texzyme SM

Starch Modification Enzyme
Onsite Modification of native starch for surface sizing can be done

Substantial costing saving by using native starch instead of redymade modified starch

Viscosity of the starch solution is controlled which allowes to increase solid level

Luna DS & Luna FA (Deinking Chemicals)

Surfactant base and Fatty acid base

Increases the brightness

Helps to detach the ink particles from waste paper
Avoids redepositition of ink particles

Texzyme AS

Stickies Control Enzyme
Break down the macro stickies into smaller components

Inhibits the tendency of micro stickies to agglomevate and deposit out

Keeps smooth machine runnability and good paper quality.

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