The cell walls of cereal grains,legumes and oil seed meals are composed of complex carbohydrates referred to as Non Starch Polysaccharides (NSPs).NSPs comprise a wide range of plant polymers which include cellulose, hemicellose, pectin, ?-glucans, ?-galactisides and pentosans.

These NSPs are generally not broken down by the broilers as they are monogastric species and do not produce enzymes. Hence these polysaccharides act as Anti Nutritional Factors (ANFs) and prevent absorption of vitamin, minerals and phosphorous. The addition of enzymes to feed helps break down ANF and increases the availability of nutrients to the poultry.

The commonly used enzymes in Poultry nutrition are as follows:-
Tex Phytase

Phytic Acid

Releases P and amino acids & other minerals bound to phosphate.
Cellulose fibre
Releases Sugar increasing metabolic energy & reducing digesta viscosity.
Xylans, Hemicellulose
Releases Sugar increasing metabolic energy & reducing digesta viscosity.
Increases amino acid absorption by breaking down soya and other proteins.
Pectins in grain cell wall
Helps in break down of corn & other plant material. Also reduces digesta viscosity.
Amylase Starch
Breaks down starch to sugars increasing ME & increasing digestibility.
Tex Biosciences possesses a variety of proprietor multi-enzyme poultry feed formulation to suit farmers and feed mills requirements. Our Poultry Product range is as follows
Galvet BPF
A Multi Vitamin formulation for poultry to aid in breeding of strong and healthy birds
Galzym PB
A Synergistic combination of Multi Enzymes + Probiotics for economic poultry production
Multi Enzyme Formulation to achieve feed economics
Galzym Liq conc
A stable liquid multi enzyme formulation for Poultry
Tex Bio Pro 2B
A highly concentrated and economical probiotics formulation that improves intestinal microbial balance and results in weight grain and feed conversion.
Tex Protease
Protease based Enzyme that breaks vegetable and plant source proteins in intestine to peptides for faster growth in birds.
Tex Emusol
Tex Emusol breaks-down oil source such as Palm oil, Vegetable oil, Mutton tallow and fats to free fatty acid which are easily assimilated in the bird and increases weight gain.
Tex BioKleen
Proprietary pre-bedding treatment using Probiotics strains that eradicates Ammonia emission in farms and improves feed economics
Ammo Cure
Ammo Cure is a 100% natural product comprising entirely of pure Yucca schidigera
Tex Pro L
Tex Pro L improves the intestinal microbial balance of birds, which increase live weight gain and improves feed conversion.
Gal Tox
Gal Tox is the only product that contains 100% pure organic mineral without any chemicals or additives and is certified by american authorities.
Tex Pro 5
Probiotic Poultry Feed Supplement
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