Tex Biosciences is an OEM enzyme manufacturer. The company has within its disposal, state of the art fermentation set up that enables it to produce all its enzymes in house.

The company employs both solid state and submerged fermentation techniques to manufacture its enzymes. With a sophisticated lifealiser, the company is able to preserve its high performing cultures and undertake production as and when required.

Tex Biosciences produces many of the commercialized industrial enzymes and is able to cater exclusively to your requirements. The organization is able to modify the activity and the state of the enzymes based on your requirements.

Tex Biosciences is also open to manufacturing cocktail enzyme formulations based on your formulation . The formulation you will be providing us will be maintained in complete secrecy and and an exclusivity agreement can be effected.

Tex Biosciences manufactures the following individual enzymes

Acid protease Light brown color Powder
Alkaline Protease Powder Pale yellow granules
Lipase Brown Liquid and Pale Yellow color Powder
Alkali Xylanase Brown color Liquid
Acid Xylanase Light brown color powder Powder
Pectinase Black Liquid , Ash color Powder
Phytase Ivory white to pale yellow color Powder
Cellulase Brown Liquid
Amylase Brown Liquid and Ivory white color Powder
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