Tex Biosciences (P) Limited boasts of a state of the art production facility in Mappedu- 40 Kms from Chennai, India. The production facility incorporates the best manufacturing practices in the industry and is formulated based on the principle of "Lean Manufacturing".

Spanning a total area of 7 hectares, the manufacturing plant comprises of a modern industrial fermentation plant which is computer controlled. Further, all of Tex Biosciences' products are produced in house with cutting edge technology machineries in operation throughout the plant. All production departments are manned by highly capable individuals with the principles of co-ordination and collaboration between various departments exemplified throughout the plant.

A tailor made Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) software services the production plant keeping track and integrating critical production data to constantly improve quality and efficiency.

The company also takes pride in its well equipped R&D facility which is staffed by qualified and highly experienced personnel. The lab serves as the focal point of Tex Biosciences' product and process innovation and is seen as a benchmark in lab facility and testing equipment provision. The organization has a dedicated application lab for leather and textile auxiliaries and strategic liaison with reputed research institutions for numerous other field applications.

The eco-conscious plant has won several accolades from industry and government associations for its impeccable landscape and professional upkeep. The production plant adds value to the image and branding of the organization.
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