A Multi enzyme Feed Additive for Aquaculture especially cat fish, shrimps/prawns, tilapia and carp among other. Aquaazyme J contains the following enzyme resulting in the below mentioned benefits.

PHYTASES Breaks down plant phytates Increases Phosphorous Utilization
Reduces Pollution
CELLULASES Breaks down Fibre Increases Nutritive Value
Permits low cost formula
XYLANASE Breaks down NSP’s
Reduces viscosity / Increases absorption
Increases ME
AMYLASES Breaks down Starch Releases glucose & reduces
PECTINASES Breaks down Plant Pectins Releases energy
PROTEASE Breaks down Proteases
Improves Nutritive Value,
releases amino acids
LIPASE Breaks down Fats / Oils Releases Free Fatty Acids
Advantages of Aquaazyme-J Addition
Aquaazyme J
A proven multi enzyme formulation for Aquaculture that improves digestibility of corn/soya/wheat diet and increases feed conversion ratio.
Tex Bio Pro 2B
A highly concentrated and economical probiotics formulation for aquaculture that results in weight grain and feed conversion.
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