Enzymes are today widely used in Animal nutrition. This rapid use of enzyme in feed formulation is due to the following reasons

Reduced production cycles thereby requiring greater digestibility
Change in feed formulation

Need to increase nutrient absorption by reducing digesta viscosity.

Overall need to improve farm economics

Addition of enzymes to Animal Feed results in the following:-
Increased weight gain
Reduced feed consumption.

Reduced mortality especially in disease conditions.

Uniformity of catching weight

Reduced moisture in litter
In fact enzymes are finding more usage in modern animal farming as they are Eco-friendly and have become a useful replacement for antibiotics as a growth promoters.

Tex Biosciences' unique enzyme combination is a cocktail of enzymes which has been tested over 14 years in many countries viz. India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, Sri Lanka and the entire Middle East.

Our enzyme formulation has also proved itself in various poultry, piggery and aqua species besides chicken viz., turkey, ducks etc.
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