From its modest beginnings three decades ago, Tex Biosciences has evolved into a leader in the field of industrial biotechnology and leather chemical products in India. With a customer centric approach and never ending pursuit for quality improvement, the organization has seen phenomenal growth over its life.

Tex Biosciences (P) Limited
believes and practices social responsibility, the organization is committed to fair and ethical business practices and supports the local communities in every way possible.

Tex Biosciences is built on the principles of innovation, quality conscious and future focus. The principles have stood the test of time and served the organization in good light.
Innovativeness has been a way of business at Tex Biosciences. The R&D team in keeping with the organization's customer centric approach works closely with its customers to develop and formulate auxiliaries that are quality import substitutes. The latest addition to our range is Ezyme - A, a 100% Sulphide-Lime Free unhairing Enzyme, the first of its kind in India. The invention of this Enzyme by Tex Biosciences speaks about company's commitment to cleaner environment.

Some of Tex Biosciences "FIRSTS" are

First Indian Company to products and manufacture an indigenous bating enzyme
First Indian Company in the industry to market eco friendly liquid enzyme formulation
First Company to come out with a proven technology to totally replace Sulphides in unhairing
First company to explore and formulate enzyme applications in various industries to promote
efficiency, cost management and sustainable development
First company to innovate and develop WIPD PCT for replacing antibiotics in poultry industry as a growth

Tex Biosciences' Corporate Management Group is a unique blend of technocrats whose vision has enabled the group to visualize the market requirements through constant interaction with its customers and become a leading player in the Indian Enzyme market
Quality Conscious
Quality is the watchword of Tex Biosciences' processes and products. With pro-active management to quality and strict control system, Tex Biosciences is able to guarantee the effectiveness of its products.

At Tex Biosciences, we believe in team work and common goals. Our highly qualified and experienced staff, work towards meeting and exceeding customer demands. Right from order initiation to dispatch and after sales service, the organization presents a unified picture in serving the diverse needs of our clients.

Tex Biosciences
is an ISO 9001-2000 certified organization. The certification is due to culmination of years of hard work by its staff in ensuring that the processes and systems in use at Tex Biosciences are of the highest quality. With emphasis on continuous process and product improvement coupled with technological innovation, Tex Biosciences has set new benchmarks in terms of quality and product efficacy in the industrial biotechnology and leather chemicals industry.
Future Focus
Tex Biosciences is a future focussed organization, with our R&D team dedicating their time and effort in development of products that create opportunities for sustainable development. The organization believes in empowering its employees with multi skills and knowledge thus enabling them to be world class leaders in their field.

The company's R&D team is now investigating eco-friendly alternatives viz salt less curing of hides - a major global problem - which contributes to high TDS and ground water pollution. Drawing on its core strength in Biotechnology and microbiology, the company is also actively pursuing a project to develop a solvent-free biodegradable, yet effective preservative

In the Textile field, we are investigating various ways to combine enzyme based operations to reduce the hydraulic load thereby saving water and reducing pollution.

Active research programs in the veterinary field have resulted in the development of feed enzymes that increase feed utility and reduce mortality in poultry and other mono gastric animals.

In paper milling and production, we have developed enzymes that contribute to the quality of paper while reducing the consumption of raw materials especially environmental pollutants.
Corporate Management Group
The Corporate Management Group comprises of highly skilled and able leaders who continue to positively shape the future of the organizations and lead in a positive light.

Mr. R.P Krishnamachari- Managing Director/ CEO- Mr. Krishnamachari is the founder and first generation entrepreneur of Tex Biosciences. A Chemical Engineer by qualification, Mr. Krishnamachari holds 30 years of operational and managerial experience in the Bio-tech industry. He is credited with installing state of the art production facilities at Tex Biosciences.
Mr. R.P Krishnamachari
Mr. Aravindha Krishnamachari - Director/ Chief Operations Executive - The latest addition to the Executive Leadership team, Mr. Krishnamachari holds a Masters in Operations Management degree from the University of Melbourne. With experience in consulting to top manufacturing companies in Australia, Mr. Krishnamachari heads the production department with emphasis on supply chain integration and lean manufacturing practices.
Mr. Gopalan - Financial Controller - is a Chartered Accountant with 37 years of accounting and auditing experience. Mr. Gopalan heads the finance department and is one of the loyal and long standing members of Tex Biosciences.
Mr. Gopalan
Mr. Prasad Rao- General Manager - Marketing - is a qualified Leather Technologist with 36 years of industrial experience both in processing and marketing speciality chemicals for leather industry. Mr. Rao has got global experience in marketing leather chemical to various countries and is an able and enthusiastic leader.
Mr. Prasad Rao
R. Bhagirathi
R. Bhagirathi –- Senior Manager- Business Development- Ms. Banu is one of the longest serving employees of Tex Biosciences. With a background in commerce, Ms. Banu through her sheer determination, sincerity and enterprising skills has moved up the organization ladder to become the Senior Manager- Business Development. Her experience and keenness to explore growth avenues makes her a top performing employee and a keen business developer. With a customer centric – approach, she functions as the communication point for all customers in promoting and servicing their needs.
Mr.P M Asokan
Mr. P M Asokan Senior Manager ( Tech - Mktg - Paper & Textiles) P M Asokan holds Masters Degree in Chemistry and Computer Applications. Since Starting his career as a Technician in Center for Advanced Studies in Botany, University Of Madras, he has got more than two decades of experience in the field of Analytical Chemistry, Paper Chemistry, Biochemistry and Enzymes. Familiar with the operation and troubleshooting of all sophisticated Analytical Instruments. He worked in Esvin Group of companies and J K Pharma industries also. Presently engaged at Tex Biosciences from 2005 onwards and involved in various activities, such as R & D, QC/QA Application, and Marketing of Enzymes with respect to paper, textiles and detergents. He has contributed in several ways to develop industrial enzymes and their applications to various industries Viz., Pulp and paper, Sugar, and Textile. He took total charge and responsibility from Concept to Commercialization of any Project. He is a member of Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) and participated in many National and International Conferences, worshops, Seminars etc.
Mr. Karthikeyan – Head QC & QA has completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology in the year 1990 at Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. Later continued research activities in the same department for 2 years and engaged in antibiotic production work using Streptomyces sps. After that, Mr.Karthikeyan had joind in SPIC pharmaceuticals Ltd, Chennai and worked for nearly 12 years in various departments such as R&D, Production, and Enzyme division. He then moved to Alembic, Vadodara as Assistant Manager where he got expertise in the field of sterile industrial inoculum preparation, preservation and maintenance of cultures, production of biomolecules through fermentation. With over 19 years of experience, Mr.Karthikeyan joined as Head QC in Tex Biosciences (p) Ltd. He now oversees Quality Control and Quality Assurance while being engaged in specific R&D Enzyme projects.
Mr. Haridass – is a Chemistry graduate and Heads the Chemical division of Tex Biosciences. In his previous job, Mr.Haridass had over 4 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry both in Quality Control and Production related to surgical Sutures, Drugs Formulation and Bulk Drugs. Mr.Haridass is a veteran at Tex Biosciences with over 17 years of experience in production and Quality Control in the Chemical Section. Mr.Haridass is currently involved in R & D activities to develop new Chemicals products for leather with an emphasis on cost effectiveness and eco friendlines. He is well versed with ISO and Quality manuall norms and is the ISO representative from the Production plant.
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